Chapter 07: August 2, 1:15am

Chapter 7 >> August 2, 1:15am

Jake: Seriously!
Jake: 'Would you go out with me.'

Jake (T): What does that even mean?

Jake (T): Maybe he actually likes you?

Jake (T): Maybe he's looking to experiment?
Jake (T): I don't wanna be some straight white boy's exotic experiment!
Jake (T): Maybe he's just a fuckboy like the rest of them?

Jake (T): Is he confused?
Jake (T): Did I lead him on?

Jake (T): Will he even understand me?
Jake (T): We live in two different worlds.
Jake (T): We're too different.

Jake (T): Does he think that going out with a guy is going to be easy?
Jake (T): What if things don't work out?
Jake (T): We'll never work out

Jake (T): Was he just nice to me to get into my pants?
Jake (T): I'm not going to fall into the same trap.

Jake (T): There's no reason to like me.
Jake (T): There's no way he actually want to go out with me.

Jake (T): Fuck!
Jake (T): I need to stop thinking bout this.

Jake (T): Ughh...
Jake (T): I barely slept.
Jake (T): At least it's Saturday.

Jake (T): Me and my stupid feelings!!

Jake (T): Wow...
Jake (T): I look like shit.

Phone: Austin Poplar
Jake (P): hey
Jake (P): made a reso for 6 at 6pm at hungry honkers
Jake (P): come HUNGRY and thirsty we gonna celebrate
Austin (P): Thanks for the details. Sounds great. See you soon!

Phone: Today, Saturday August 2
Austin (P): Hope you made it home safe. Thanks again for helping me home yesterday. Also wanted to clarify that I was serious about asking you out. Hope we can catch up soon. Have a great weekend!

Jake (T): Fucking...Austin!!!

Jake (P): r u still drunk

FX: Vrrrr (sound of phone vibrating)

FX: Vrrrr (sound of phone vibrating)

Phone: Austin Poplar is calling
Phone: Remind, message
Phone: decline, accept

Jake (T): I don't want to talk to you!
Jake (T): But if I don't...

Jake (T): ...I won't know what to do with myself.

Jake: Austin?
Austin: Hey! Jake?
Jake: We need to talk.
Jake: But not on the phone. What are you doing today?

Austin: I can meet up today if that's what you want.
Jake: Yeah.
Austin: Where and what time?
Jake: Uhh...

Jake (T): This isn't the kinda stuff to talk about in public.
Jake (T): For all I know we might end up screaming at each other, or fucking each other.

Jake: place? 1:30-ish?
Jake: I'll text you my address.
Austin: Sounds good, thank you.

Jake: ...
Jake: ...
Jake: ...
Jake: H-how's y...

Phone: Austin Poplar, 00:31
Jake: Bye.

Jake (T): What's wrong with me?

Jake (T): I gotta fix my hair. 
Jake (T): What should I wear?
Jake (T): Something easy to take off?

Jake: Fuck...
Jake (T): Am I made or horny?
Jake (T): Where is my mind going?

Title: 1:30 PM
FX: Knock knock (sound of someone knocking on a wooden door)

Austin: Hi!

Jake: Come in.
Austin: Thanks for having me over.

Jake: If you want, there's a pair of slippers. The floor is cold.
Austin: Oh? Thanks.

Austin: I brought some cake.

Jake: Ah!
Jake: Thanks! Do you want to eat it now?
Austin: If you want.
Bag: Maikuru Haus

Jake: Do you want anything to drink?
Jake: I only have water, tea, milk...

Austin: Water is fine.

Jake: Hot? Cold?
Jake: Room temp?
Austin: Um, room temp.

Jake: What did you get?
Austin: Green tea, earl grey, and black sesame.

Jake: Awesome! I've been meaning to try Maikuru Haus's cakes...
Austin: Dig in!

Jake: Which do you want?
Austin: You pick first, I'm fine with any of them.

Jake: This is good!

Austin: Jake, I like you. And I'm not drunk right now.

Background: Nooooooonooonononononono
Jake (T): I forgot about my mission to either scream at him or seduce him on my own terms!
Jake (T): Distracted and betrayed by delicious cake!

Austin: You don't have to respond yes or no to my question about going out this minute.
Austin: But I wanted to make it clear to you that I'm not joking around.

Jake: This sincerity, I can't...

Austin: I'm sorry if this is making you uncomfortable.
Jake (T): such a monster, how could i think of being such a jerk to...what if he doesn't just want to be a fuckboy and get into my pants...

Austin: I should leave.

Jake: Wait!

Jake: Uh...
Jake: I can't...
Jake: Wa...
Jake: Uh...

Jake: I can't...
Jake: Eat all this cake myself.
Jake (T): Wowww I'm so stupid!!!

FX: Clink clink clink (sound of forks/utensils against plates)

Jake (T): Fuck!
Jake (T): Awk silence.
Jake (T): Say something!

Jake: So...
Jake: Aren't you, like, straight?
Jake (T): Was that too accusatory???

Jake: Are you sure that you're into this?!

Austin: ...yes.

Austin: Please pull your shirt back down.

Austin: I can't deny that my previous relationships were with women.

Austin: So your skepticism is warranted.

Austin: But beyond what your body looks like, I like you for what you do, what you say, what you believe in.

Austin: I like being around you.

Jake: I don't understand...
Jake: Why...
Jake: Me...

Austin: Because you're you.
Jake (T): Holy fuck am I in some kind of romance novel right now?!

Austin: I like you just the way you are.
Jake: Oh my fucking god, you're serious!?!?

Jake (T): Stop!
Jake (T): No more sweet nothings!

Jake: We're too different.

Austin: What do you mean?

Jake: Everything.
Jake: Our upbringing, our culture...

Austin: Is that the deal breaker?
Jake: I don't know.

Austin: I'm committed to figure things out with you.
Austin: If you want to give me that chance.
Jake: Fuuuckkk...

Jake: This is...
Jake: A lot to take in.

Jake (T): I can't even look at him.

Austin: I didn't expect you to go into fetal position.

Jake (T): I didn't expect this either.

Austin: I'll leave you to your thoughts then.

Austin: For now, let's stay friends?

Jake: Yeah...

Jake: Is that...
Jake: ...even possible anymore?

Jake: Thanks for the cake.
Austin: You're welcome!

Austin: Thank you for your serious consideration!

Jake: I'll think about what we talked about...and get back to you...
Jake (T): What am I gonna tell him?

Austin: I look forward to it!

Austin: Take care!

FX: Chk (sound of door closing)

Jake: Fuuuck...
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  • Welcome to the awkwardness of this chapter.
  • I'm really cold. It's maybe around 18 C in my apartment right now because of central AC (it hasn't been turned to heating yet).
  • My overall progress was derailed by watch/timepiece shopping and research. I recently broke my own watch because I tried to replace the battery myself. I actually ended up getting a watch that I imagine Austin to have (Casio digital G-SHOCK square). I tried to mod it a bit (strip the text paint) but it was a failure; now I have a nail-polish-remover smelling bezel, but hopefully that goes away with time. I ended up getting a Citizen watch for formal occasions too. Both solar powered with perpetual calendar! No more battery changing (aka no more watch breaking)!
  • Part of Austin's dialogue is inspired by Lady Aberlin and Daniel Tiger [from Mr. Rogers] talking and singing about mistakes. Please appreciate!!!!! This made me cry SOO MUCH when I watched the Mr. Rogers documentary in theatre.
  • There are many good animal cameos this time. Jake is on team Pinkey.
  • I looked at morepossum pictures. I really like them. Recently I found a series of pictures of a kitten in a watermelon patch and those pictures make me really happy. I really want to know who this cat is!!
  • This chapter is one of those instances where I learn more about my own character by figuring out what's going on it their head. Jake is very confused...but wearing that low-cut v-neck was an explicit choice. He has a really nice kitchen because he likes cooking.
  • I'm making Austin's eyelashes longer and longer with each chapter. Soon they're just take up the entire panel.
  • I have witnessed real people go into fetal position when they're being inundated with compliments.
  • Jake is going to have a forehead wrinkles when he grows old.