Chapter 12: ◄◄ Arrival

Chapter 12 << Arrival

[Caption] A few years ago...
Austin (video call): Hi! Are you Sabina?
Sabina: Yes.
Austin (video call): Nice to meet you, I'm Austin.

Austin (video call): It's 9:30 PM where you are, right?
Sabina: Yes.
Austin (video call): Wow! It's 8:30 AM here.           
Sabina: Thank you for doing the tour so early in the morning.
Austin (video call): No problem!
Sabina (thoughts): What a chipper and talkative person.
Austin (video call): Here is the room for rent...

Sabina: How cold is the room?
Austin (video call): Oh! It's an old house so there are radiators.

Sabina: Is the room well lit?
Austin (video call): There's natural light and a lamp on the desk

Sabina: What about the locks?

Austin (video call): Bedrooms have key locks, bathrooms are locked from the inside.
Sabina: What storage is there in the bathroom?

Austin (video call): There are shelves about the toilet.
Sabina: The toilet rolls are very high up...
Austin (video call): Oh, those can be moved down!

Austin (video call): The communal kitchen is on the first floor.
Sabina: How do you handle kitchen capacity and dirty dishes?

Austin (video call): Everyone does their part. No issues with current housemates, so far. We have a list of rotating responsibilities and house policies.
Sabina: Impressive.

Austin (video call): We run the dishwasher and take the trash out every night before bed.
Currently we have 1 person on the first, 2 people on the second, and myself on the third. There are 2 bathrooms and 1 washroom.

Austin (video call): What else would you like to know or see?
Sabina: Please hold on a moment.
Sabina (thoughts): He has been very patient with all my questions.

Sabina (thoughts): Good location and price. Already furnished. Established house rules and roles. What the parents don't know, won't hurt.

Sabina: How can I apply?

Austin (video call): I'll email you the forms...

(Montage of images of Sabina travelling by plane, going through Canadian immigration, etc.)

Sabina (thoughts): Finally here...others truly over-exaggerate the fun of air travel. My whole body is stiff. I have all my luggage.

Person: Sabina?
Sabina (thoughts): Must be someone with the same name. Must find the transit station...

Person: Excuse me! Sabina!

Sabina: Who are you?
Austin: !

Austin: Oh! You might not recognize me! I'm Austin!

Austin: I gave you the house tour? Your new housemate?

Sabina: Ah, I remember. What are you doing here?
Sabina (thoughts): This bright aura...
Austin: Well...

Austin: I'm here to pick you up and drive you to our place!

Sabina: I...wasn't expecting this. You didn't have to go out of your way...

Austin: No problem! It's your first time here and you don't know anyone else.

Austin: Need any help with your bags?

Sabina: No.
Austin: The parkade is this way.

Sabina (thoughts): Why is he being so nice to me? I mean it's convenient to be driven and not worry about bus he hoping to get something from me?

Sabina (thoughts): Can he be trusted?

Sabina: Ah! You don't have to-
Austin: No problem!

Austin: The big one is the front door. The small one is your room.

Austin: Give it a try.

SFX (door opening): CHK

Austin: Welcome home!

Sabina (thoughts): What?! Is he from this realm?!

Austin: Your room is here. The house rules, map, and contacts are in a booklet that I left for you inside.

Austin: You're probably tired, so I'll leave you to settle in. Kitchen is on the left and bathroom is down the hall. I'm on the top floor. if you need anything, text or knock!

Sabina: Thank you.

Caption point to food: Drink + snacks

Caption pointing to soap and shampoo: Toiletry starter pack

Caption pointing to card: Strangely adorable card with warm greeting

Sabina (thoughts): Who is he?! He must be up to no good! He isn't normal!

Nobody has ever been this nice to me before.
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  • This is the beginning of arc 2, which follows Sabina as the main character. I'm excited and anxious about writing a female-main who walks an untraditional path.
  • After finishing arc 1 (chapter 1-11) and producing the print book, I took a few months 'off' to write the outline of arc 2. This arc will explore different ideas and themes than the previous, but we'll still get to see some of the old characters and new ones! You can expect this arc to be as feelsy as the other one, because that is the only kind of story I know how to make, haha.
  • I spent too much time reading about radiators, but still lack understanding...
  • I'm also inking this arc/book a bit differently. 1-11 was done with CSP's G-pen at 15 pixel setting. This chapter is done with modified brush at 30 pixel setting to emulate how I would ink IRL with a brush pen. Fat lines, dry brush, no tiny details, just chicken blobs and scratches!
  • Because of the above, it took a long time to figure things out and actually draw it out. Also all these BG panels took a lot willpower to get through.
  • Generally there is wayyy more flood filling (+ more loose/broken linework) so all the pages take longer!!!!!!!!!
  • I love abusing sparkle brush to fill white space and this assortment of chicken stuff that was somehow chosen for Sabina. Austin, what were you thinking? Where did you get this stuff? (I know the answer)
  • For now I'm posting these pages without too much rework/scrutiny, now knowing that I go through a lot of refining/editing labour before putting a book out for print (which isn't happening anytime soon).
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