Chapter 11: December 20, 12:32pm

Chapter 11 >> December 20, 12:32pm

Jake: Hey...

Austin: Hi!

Jake: Did you order already?
Austin: Just coffee. I was waiting for you.
Jake: Do you know what you're getting?
Austin: Probably shepherd's pie.

Jake: Hmm...
Austin: Do you want to share nachos?

Jake: Sure!

Austin: Okay.

Austin: What did you want to talk about?

Jake: Oh!
Jake: Uhh...

Jake: Do...
Jake: You...

Jake: Want to...
Restaurant staff: Here are your nachos!

Austin: ...


Jake: How come you're not eating?

Austin: Sorry, I was thinking about something.

Jake: Do you...
Jake: Still want to go out with me?

Austin: Don't worry.
Austin: I took four months of your silence as a no.
Austin: And moved on.

Austin: Why are you bringing it up now?

Jake: Oh, uh...

Jake: Just...
Jake: Following up...

Jake: I'm gonna go to the wash-

Austin: Sit down.

Jake: But-
Austin: Sit down.

Austin: Tell me what's really on your mind.

Jake: ...
Jake: Sorry...

Jake: I'm a jerk for not saying anything this whole time.
Jake: I'm glad you moved on.

Jake: I'm the worst!
Jake: I'm sorry!
Jake: You don't have to forgive me!
Austin: Jake.

Austin: It's alright.
Austin: Here.

Jake: T-thanks...

Jake: I'm sorry.

Austin: Sometimes it takes a while for us to figure out our own feelings.
Austin: Thank you for giving me closure.

Jake: Is it really...

Jake: Too late? For us?

Austin: What do you mean?

Jake: It really took me this long
Jake: To believe that...
Jake: I might like you too...

Jake: But maybe I took too long.
Jake: Sorry...
Jake: Ignore me. I'm being stupid.

Austin: Jake.
Austin: Look at me.
Austin: Tell me what you want.

Jake: I'm a mess...
Jake: I fucked up...

Jake: But would you still want to go out with me?

Austin: I really did try to get over you.
Austin: But you've dragged me right back.
Austin: You're too cute.

Jake: C-cute?!'re...
Jake: Am I the only nervous wreck here?!

Austin: I'm a wreck too, but you like me, so I'm happy.
Jake: seem pretty put together.
Austin: I'm sweating buckets and my heart is beating out of my chest.

Jake: Wait, are you saying yes then?

Austin: I have some conditions.
Jake: Wha?!

Austin: No more lying. You're not very good at it anyway.
Jake: Ugh... (shielding self from the harsh truth)

Austin: Next, if we ever get to a point where our relationship is at risk,
Austin: Please don't give up.
Austin: We both need to work to stay together.

Austin: if that's alright with you...

Austin: Then I'm all yours.

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[Naturally romantic]
Austin: Your place is so warm and bright.
Jake: What?! R-really? Why...
Background notes: Jake = clean and minimal to the point of sterile
Austin: Hmm...maybe it's because you're here, so it feels that way :
Jake (thoughts): OMG how can you drop this embarrassing stuff so casually?!
Austin: Hmm?

[Intimacy anxiety]
Austin: Scooch in-
Jake: Uh...aa-okay...
Jake (thoughts): I should probably...reciprocate somehow...?!!?
Jake (thoughts): What should I do? Hand on knee? Or Shoulder?! Or thigh? Is that too much?
Jake (thoughts): If I do the thigh thing...where do I put it exactly?! I just lay it there?! Or do other people ~spirals into incoherent thoughts~

[Competitive romance I]
Jake (thoughts): I'm not gonna lose to him!! I'm gonna become a fucking romance champion!!
Jake (searches online on computer): How to be romantic
Jake (thoughts while browsing a plant nursery): he likes nature...but maybe not cut flowers? Maybe a potted plant would be better?
Jake (thoughts while looking at a heart-shaped lucky bamboo): Is this...too cheesy...??
Caption: In the end, he got matching ones.

[Competitive romance II]
Jake: How's your lucky bamboo doing?
Austin: Good! It's on the shelf if you want to see.
Jake: Holy-yours is so much bigger than mine! And more are a tree nerd afterall...
Austin: Well, it's not actually a tree, nor is it a bamboo. It's a species of flower plant dracaena bun--(devolves into plant talk)
Jake (thoughts): I'm dating a huge nerd.
Austin: I take EXTRA good care of it since it's a gift from you :).

[Competitive romance III]
Jake (thoughts): Since I suck at talking, maybe I'll try to write him a letter?
Jake (writing): Dear (crossed out). Hi Austin. You're a nice guy. You have nice eyelashes.
Jake: ...
Jake (thoughts): I'm a fucking idiot.

[Competitive romance IV]
Website tip: Romance tip #21: gaze into their eyes and smile.
Jake (thoughts): I can't even smile in the mirror...?
Caption pointing towards Jake: Resting neutral face
Jake (thoughts while out with Austin): Should I even bother trying? I can already tell this is gonna fail badly...
Caption: straining (to smile)
Caption: weird aura
(Jake twitches and attempts to smile; Austin notices)
Austin: Are you hungry?
Caption pointing at Austin: Natural smiler
Jake (thoughts while sobbing inside): Faaiill

[Competitive romance V]
Jake (thoughts): CLEARLY this isn't my forte...

Jake (thoughts): His charisma stat is too high!!
Jake (thoughts): I give up!!
Caption over Jake: Defeated...
(Slumps over Austin's shoulder)
Austin: !
Austin: (heart is racing)
Caption over Jake: Or...winner?!

Austin: Jake, what's the story of this raccoon plush?
Jake: Ah-that's Wacou.
Jake: I've had him since I was a bady. I couldn't pronounce raccoon so his name became wah-koooou.
                                                                Raccoon (controlled by Jake): Hi!
Austin's vision: Jake/Wacou are both cute, fiesty, vulnerable, and hungry
Austin: You're both perfect.
Jake: Wha-
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  • I had to redraw A's cardigan pattern a bunch of times because I drew the elements wrong (I remembered the order of patterns wrong). It's based off a cardigan that I own (that Wai got me a long time ago, we have almost matching ones). A's aesthetic is cozy cabin. I like quilted patterns a lot because it gives me cozy vibes too. I don't actually own anything quilted!!!
  • I created extremely gaudy artwork for this diner's decor. Actually some of them are old filtered drawings from years past. Look closely, and you may recognize some of them. Mentally I was inspired by Fran's. I should go there again.
  • In theory I should like drawing plants, but in practice, the overlapping leaves and curves make them quite hard to draw unless you're just going for a squiggle look.
  • This chapter has a lot of references/call-backs/parallels with previous ones. Like previous chapter, I'm never quite sure how to draw food with mostly b/w that looks appetizing.
  • I have a lot of other ideas about how their relationship progresses (spoiler: the slow burn continues). Specifically all good couples need to go to the aquarium on a date, right?? Drama must ensue. We must see shrimp and goby. I just want to draw animals.
  • Maybe I'll come back to these two later? Hope y'all enjoyed!!! The printed version has some scrappy poorly drawn 4-panel comics that extend this chapter.
  • Ch. 12 is going to be...totally different?????? I HAVE TO...START WRITING IT?? Next update might be farther out, haha.
  • About 'web' extras: most of these are scraped from my freetalk! I drew these web things, AFTER the book went to print (March 2020), so these are different web extras from the printed book's extras...yes, it's confusing. I have the most fun when I draw these poorly-drawn extras.