Chapter 10: December 2, 6:15pm

Chapter 10 >> December 2, 6:15pm

Fake: This looks aamaazing!
Fake: Thanks Jakey!
Jake: You're welcome.

Fake: And? What advice did you want?

Jake: How...

Jake: ...did you know that you had a crush on your boss?

Fake: Are you in love?! Who is it?????
Fake: Do I know him?
Jake: ...I knew this was a mistake.
Fake: Don't worry, tell me everything!
Jake: I was asking you about you and your boss.

Fake: It's hard to describe.
Fake: Maybe when I couldn't stop thinking about him?

Fake: And I wanted to get closer to him.

Fake: I became a bit creepy.
Fake: I though about doing this...
Fake: and that...
Jake: Okay. Stop.

Fake: Is this how you're feeling?
Jake: No, not really.

Jake: Are you ever gonna tell him?

Fake: No.
Jake: How come?

Fake: This is me.
Fake: This is him.
Fake: Our paths only intersect for work.

Fake: It's fine.
Fake: I just want him to be safe.

Fake: My internship ends next year.
Fake: We'll go our separate ways.

Fake: ANYWAY enough about my sad story. Tell me.
Fake: Who are you crushing on!?

Jake: I'm...actually the one who was confessed to?
Fake: And!?!
Fake: Are you going out with him?!
Jake: You're too close...

Jake: I like this person as a friend?
Jake: I dunno if it's anymore than that?
Fake: You rejected him then?

Jake: I...haven't answered him yet.
Fake: What?

Fake: WAIT. How long ago was this confession?
Jake: A few...months...

Fake: Do you like him or not? Just give the poor guy an answer!
Jake: Ugh, I know!

Fake: ...
Fake: Why haven't you rejected him yet?

Jake: I'm worried...
Jake: That I'll regret whatever I say to him?
Fake: What would you regret if you said no?

Jake: I don't know...
Jake: That he'll be hurt?
Jake: That I might miss out on something potentially good?

Fake: And what if you said yes?

Jake: What if we disappoint each other?
Jake: Cause of all of our differences?
Jake: And things don't work out? And I lose a friend?

Fake: Honestly...

Fake: It sounds like you like him.

Fake: But,

Fake: you're afraid of being hurt. You're afraid of being wrong.

Fake: All relationships have their ups and downs.
Fake: What about all the great stuff that could happen?

Fake: But unless you take the chance, you'll stay stuck like you are now.
Fake: You wouldn't be going through indecisive turmoil
Fake: If you didn't care a lot about him.
Jake: ...

Fake: Why don't you try it out?

Jake: ...

Fake: Oooohh...
Fake: I've read enough shoujo manga to know what that face means...<3

Jake: W-what face?!
Fake: It's the look of love!

Jake: Fuck off!
Fake: I'm trained to see patterns in human behaviours~
Jake: Don't use your criminology on me!

Jake: No food for you!
Fake: Noooo! My mac n cheese!!

Fake: Honestly, I'm happy for you. I hope it works out!
Fake: You're a good guy.

Jake: ...
Jake: Eat the rest.
Fake: Yay!

Jake: Fake...
Fake: Hmm?

Jake: Thanks.
Jake: If you ever need help, I'm here for you.

Fake: Hehe, of course!
Fake: And? Who is he? What does he look like?
Fake: How did you meet? What is he like?
Jake: I'll...tell you later if things even go anywhere...
Fake: What? Not even a hint? After all my sage words?
Jake: ...he has really long eyelashes?
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  • I was fortunate to get PowersWithin to write fake dialogue (with no context other than the prior chapters) for FUNSIES, which I will post on my freetalk blog! I laughed a lot at the interpretation she had purely based on the visuals.
  • In the height of preparing the book for print and pre-press, I actually forgot to write a freetalk right about finishing these pages; I went straight on the drawing chapter 11. Hope you are all doing as well as you can during the COVID-19 situation. Take care!
  • Fake is actually a very very old original character of mine, as in, pre-2003 old! His origin story was a bit of a joke, and then he was in a very serious comic/story, and now he's back. Back then I was a foolish teenager writing stories about characters much older than me, when I had no adulthood experience or emotional maturity! Looking back at this character in my much older state, I feel as though he has become much more complex, with more beneath the surface than this trolling attitude. I had a hard time nailing down his look because I drew him a certain way in my youth, and that's not how I wanted to draw him anymore (haha).
  • My favourite scene is the one where Fake leans down lower to get closer/shame Jake about his avoidant behaviour.
  • I cooked brussels sprouts as reference for this chapter. I wondered to myself if the food was even recognizable as brussels sprouts in black in white drawing, since the gradient of colour always felt like a prominent feature of any vegetable. Whenever I see brussels sprouts or mac n cheese on a restaurant menu, I usually want to order it.