Chapter 09: November 11, 2:15pm

Chapter 9 >> November 11, 2:15pm

FX: Clak (sound of high heels against a floor)

Jake: Woah! Abby!

Jake: You're all dressed up!
Abby: Hehe!

Jake: You look amazing, as always!

Abby: Thank you <3

Abby: Are you heading to the station?
Jake: Yeah.
Abby: Are you in a hurry? Do you mind if I come with?
Jake: Sure.

Abby: I can't walk fast.
Jake: Ahh, the price of looking good.
Jake: I'm not in a rush.

Jake: What's the occasion?

Abby: My bro's convocation!
Jake: !!

Abby: He'll be happy to see you!

Jake: ...

Abby: Everyone is wearing the same thing.
Abby: Stay here, lemme go find him.

Jake: W-wait!
Abby: You're not wearing black, so I'll be able to find you again!

FX: Ding (sound of phone notification)

Austin: Abby, where are you?
Austin: I'm at the lodgepole pine near quad.

Abby: I don't know trees!!

Abby: Change of plans.
Abby: Meet up at Jake!
Austin: ...Jake?
Abby: He's wearing a maroon coat, south of quad. Hard to miss!

/no text/

/no text/

/no text/

Austin: Jake?

Austin: Hi! long time no see!
Jake: Hi!
Jake: Yeah...
Jake: Uh...
Jake: Congrats on convocating.

Abby: Yay, you found each other!

Abby: Let's take a picture!!
Abby: Take one of me and him!

Abby: Now you two!
Abby: Move in closer!
FX: Chk chk (sound of phone camera shutter)

FX: Chk
Austin: Is this alright?

Jake: Yeah!

FX: Chk chk

Abby: Oh! Ma and Pa are parking!
Austin: Jake

Austin: it was good to see you again. 
FX: Squeeze

Austin: Take care.

Jake: B-bye!

Jake: Shit.
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I made a scrappy animated version of the scene from chapter 9 in 2021. Features voice over artists Bradley Gareth (Austin) and Eddy Yeung (Jake). music by PowersWithin. It took a long time to make despite being scrappy. More behind-the-scenes on the blog!
  • I was trying to make this chapter very doki doki but I'm not sure it worked haha
  • Came to the realization that any romancey things I've drawn usually happen in winter?!
  • I inked these 12 pages during a weekend. I don't recommend it! Though I will say TY to my past self for making the last page practically empty. While drawing this last speech bubble, I wondering to myself if it looked too much like a sp*rm?
  • High heels are very hard to draw and I don't owe any for reference...Please no more crowd scenes, no more wavy
  • I never want to draw graduation again, but flood filling everything black was fun. Thinking back to my previous graduations, I thought they were all very unmemorable
  • Everytime I drew Abby giggling, the voice of girl going 'hehe' from Yakuza video games played in my head
  • I drew a good graduation bear plush, but it got cut off in the margins :(
  • I think this chapter will look better with spreads in print :)
  • Can you feel the awkward?
  • Jake's jacket is based off of a very expensive parka that he could never afford
  • Abby's jacket is based off of a princess cut coat from a coatmaker I like
  • Knee length coats are so great for real Canadian winters. Extra thigh warmth! The only downside is that your coat might 'drag' more on the ground if you crouch down, or if you drape it on your seat/chair.
  • There are some visual callbacks to previous chapters
  • Okay now I can go give myself a haircut!!!!!!! BYEEEEEEE