Chapter 08: October 14, 4:45pm

Chapter 8 >> October 14, 4:45pm

FX: Ffffff ffffffff (sound of tree branches rustling in the wind)

Austin: Oh! Hey Sab. You're heading out?

FX: CHK (sound of door closing)

Sab: I'm going to our club meeting

Sab: I haven't seen you in a while. What have you been up to?

Austin: I'm still job hunting. What about you?
Sab: Nothing new, going to lectures and dreading winter's arrival.
Austin: How is the team doing?
Sab: Fine.

Austin: How's Jake captain?

Sab: He really sucks.
Austin: What?!

Sab: Just kidding. He's following your detailed instructions.
Austin: You scared me!

Sab: Come visit and see yourself. You're still part of the team.
Sab: You can't compete anymore though.

Austin: I don't want to intrude...

Sab: You're being stupid.

Sab: Our meetings are still on the same schedule.
Sab: I'm late, please lock the door, see you.
Austin: Bye! Say hi to the others for me.

Sab (T): He wasn't cheerful like he normally is.
Sab (T): Maybe because he is still job hunting.

Sab (T): If someone like him can't even find a job,

Sab (T): Then there's really no hope for me.

Sab: (sigh)

Sab: Sorry I'm late.
Sab: Bumped into Austin on my way out.

Abby: Oh, what's he up to?
Sal: You don't know? He's your brother.
Abby: Not really.

Abby: I don't talk to him that much.
Abby: At least Sab sees him at their house.

Sab: He's gloomy and still job hunting.
Sab: He says hit to everyone. 
Sab: He also said that he didn't...

Sab: want to 'intrude' on the club.

Ferris: Hmmm...
Abby: Weiiirddddd!
Sal: Whaaat?!

Person: Maybe he's stressed out about jobs.
Person: Are your parents pressuring him?

Sab: ...
Sab: Jake, have you been in touch with him?

Jake: No...

Abby: Did something happen between you two?
Abby: You used to be so tight.
Jake: Huh?!
Sab: Captain turf wars?
Jake: No!

Sab: Good, because I told him to visit us.
Sab: But don't worry, you're still captain.

Jake: Uh, okay?
Jake: Uh, well...

Jake: We should probably start this meeting...

Ferris: Jake...
Sal: Are you okay?
Jake: Yeah...
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  • Happy holidays! This chapter officially pushes the page count for this comic over 100...! I'm going to compile them all into a printed book in 2020. I've been having fun thinking about print production! It's my first time in a longggg time doing any continuous long form comic. I'm learning a lot. This feels a bit like my magnum opus, even though I wouldn't say this comic is anyway near groundbreaking relative to what's already out there. What's more extraordinary is the fact that I've kept up with it for this long. Thanks to everyone who has read up to this point!
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