Chapter 06: ◄◄ August 1, 6:00pm

Chapter 6 << August 1, 6:00pm

FX: CLINK (sound of drink glasses colliding for a cheers)

Austin: Cheers! Congrats!!
Austin: Another great season with a lot of medals!

Ferris: Congrats for passing your defense too!
Sal: We're gonna get you wrecked.

Sal: Hehehe, mission complete!
Abby: Are you sure you're okay to bring him home? I feel like a bad sister...
Jake: Yeah, he's not too far from the station.

Jake: I might have to carry him back...
Sal: I believe in your muscles. (hehe)

Sal: I'm taking this one home!
Abby: Byeee-

Jake: Austin.

Austin: Ugh

Jake: Drink this!

Austin: Okaay...

Austin: I have to

Austin: Go pee

Jake: I'll take you there...

Austin: Naahh

Austin: Just don't use it after

Jake: Austin...

Jake: I got your note in my locker.
Jake: I'm honoured you want me to be the next captain...

Jake: But...
Jake: I don't think that I'll ever be as good of a coach as you...

Austin: Listen. I thought long and hard about you. You are my choice.
Jake: (oww)
Austin: You care about the team. You work hard.
Austin: You're worried because you're committed.

Austin: Do you trust my judgment? 
Jake: Uh...yeah?

Austin: Good. You are good!
Austin: Though if you don't want to do it for other reasons...

Jake: I-I'll do it!

Austin: Wahooo!
Jake: (Don't yell!)

Austin: Thank you for helping me home.

Austin: Do you mind helping me up the three flights of stairs?

Jake: Sure.
Jake: I've got your back.
Austin: Thanks.

Austin: Come in...

Jake: Watch out!

Austin: I haven't felt this way in a long time...
Jake: You should drink more water before you sleep. 
Jake: Is your kitchen downstairs?
Jake: I'll go get you some.

FX: Creak creak creak (sound of footsteps on an attic/wood floor)

Jake: Here, I filled a buncha your other bottles too.

Austin: Thank you.

FX: PLP (sound of water moving inside a water bottle)

FX: GLUGLUGLUG (sound of water being drunk/swallowed)

Austin: Jake...

Jake: ...what?

Austin: Would you go out with me?

Jake: w-wha?
Jake: You're really really drunk!!
Austin: I'm a bit drunk but my thoughts are clear.

Austin: I really like you.
Austin: Are you single? Do I even have a chance?

Jake: Sorry...

Jake: You're confused. I'm confused. 

Jake: I'm leaving.

Austin: Jake!
Austin: I'm serious!

Jake: Go to sleep.

Jake: ...drink more water.

FX: Creak creak creak creak creak creak creak creak creak (sound of wooden steps, fading into the distance)

/no text/
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  • I hope that folks took my previous recommendation to read Motivation, Concentration after chapter 4, before chapter 5 and 6.
  • I lost my previous comic font because my HDD failed (earlier in July). I'm saddened by this, and for now, I just hand wrote the dialogue, until I remake a proper font. I am grateful that I backed up all these comic files, otherwise I would be SCREAMING. Back up your files!!!!!!
  • I did the first draft for the majority of this chapter back in October 2018 (a pretty long time ago). Truth be told, this chapter was meant to be chapter 2. Since these pages were drafted before I decided on doing a webcomic, and on the font size, etc. there are a few pages that are a lot more compressed/compact (in # of panels per page) than the rest of the comic.
  • In the original draft, Jake wasn't wearing glasses, but I decided to add them in because they make him a better character (hahaha). Unexpectedly, Sal became more troll-ful through this chapter.
  • As I was inking these I thought I could get through them faster, but no, there are way more panels (and therefore, things to draw!!!) than I expected, so each page took a few hours to get through. So many backgrounds for transition purposes...
  • I recently got the new Tamagotchi ON and have been very distracted with my parenthood responsibilities. In the game there is a ~~ wavy line ~~ that appears around characters when they have to go to the bathroom. I channeled that ~~ wavy line ~~ for Austin!
  • Austin's eyes became more shoujo-ey as I drew more shoujo-ey things. His eyelashes also bloom when his heart is swelling with love.
  • The biggest things that I had to fix over and over again are (1) missing Austin's arm hair, (2) Jake's mole/piercing on the wrong side, (3) watches on the wrong side, (4) bag straps on the wrong side.
  • So much toning, so much sadness.
  • When Jake wears ballcap, it reminds me of b-boying/breaking. It really isn't his style...
  • Although I wasn't planning for a "get drunk and confess" trope here, it ended up being one anyway. Liquid courage, right? Guess this one didn't turn out very well though. I now have an elevator pitch synopsis for this arc: Jocks try really hard to fall in love.