Chapter 05: ◄◄Trail

Chapter 5 << Trail

Austin (N): I remember this feeling.

Austin (N): Wanting to be around someone.
Austin (N): Feeling happier than usual

Austin (N): Sharing my favourite things with them, and creating new memories, together. Austin (N): but this is the first time I've felt this way about...

Austin (N): Another man.

Austin: Does this mean that I'm...?

Jake: This looks dangerous.

Austin (N): What is it about him? Why does my gaze always...

Jake: Ha, ha 

Jake: Are you serious? Who cares about your hat!

Austin (N): ...trail back to him?

Jake: Look what I got!

FX: KRONCH (sound of apple being bitten into)

Austin (T): An opossum!

Austin (T): Wait, what was I thinking about before this?
Austin (T): Oh right, Jake.

Austin (T): I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be.

Austin (T): Should I bury these feelings? Or should I ask?

Austin (N): ...and be rejected?

Austin (N): But...

Austin (N): What if...?


Austin (T): It's pretty cute...
Opossum: Hey!! I'm still here!
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  • Had a busy few months with house guests and work. This busyness will likely continue throughout the summer.
  • I used some special effects tones that were packaged with Clip Studio Paint!I had to hold back. I bet you can't tell that I was trying to hold back because there's at least 4 different flower tones in one of the pages (there could have been more)?!
  • I love the opossum friend. Hopefully it will continue to visit Austin while the apple tree is producing.
  • Jake's hair is always changing...
  • I had fun drawing this scraggly boston fern; at first I was worried that the detail was going to look unpolished and/or detract, but I think it's ok? Thank goodness for drawing at high resolution.
  • It's always nice to be able to just flood fill everything to be black and barely do any toning, haha. I always feel like my inks look incomplete until I had a little bit of dark black shadow.
  • This is one of those chapters that feels like it's a bit useless from a story/plot POV, but my intentions for having it here, will come to fruition in the future!
  • I intended for Jake + Austin's piece of the story to be finished in ~50 pages, but we've already hit 50p+ with this chapter, and the end is not looking near...this is a slow burn comic arc now.
  • This has been one of the most difficult updates to do technologically because my home internet has been down for over a week, and my desktop home PC is where the pages are stored/made. There was an elaborate file transfer across multiple devices to make this happen!
  • Because of the above, I ended up transferring these pages to my ebook reader to upload, and got to see how things display in e-ink. A new experience!