Chapter 04: ◄◄July

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Austin: The competition is in two weeks.

Austin: I'm going to the competition site a few days earlier to make sure everything is as expected.

Austin: Ferris is borrowing his parents' SUV and the rest of you can go with him, unless you want to camp out earlier with me.

Jake: I can go earlier to help out.

Austin: Alright. Jake's with me. The drive is about 3 hours. I sent you all the details in the calendar invite. It also includes a packing list and final to-dos...

Austin: Meeting adjourned!
Austin: See you all next week!

Abby: (see ya!)
Ferris: (bye)

Jake: Hey Austin...
Jake: Are you sure it's okay if I tag along?

Jake: I don't wanna bother you...
Jake: If you were hoping to get away from all of us...

Austin: Not at all! I'm glad to have you join me. Have you camped in Jasper before?
Jake: I...
Jake: Uhh...

Jake: I've never gone camping before...

Austin: Oh! Really?
Jake: It was never...
Jake: Part of my upbringing, okay?!

Austin: Oh, don't worry it's fine. You can borrow some of my gear then.
Jake: Fuck!

Jake: Ugh, it's happening again...
Austin: Jake?!

Austin: What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Jake: Shit!
Jake: Sorry...
Jake: No, I'm not hurt.

Austin: Seriously, what's going on? I don't understand...

Jake: Nothing. Just...please...put me to work when we're there. 
Jake: I wanna be helpful.

Austin: Hey, I'm really worried about you.

Jake: ...I was just pissed at myself.
Jake: I've been trying to help you...
Jake: But in the end, I'm the one being helped again...

FX: Pull

Austin: Hey! You've helped me a lot!
Austin: I'm grateful that you've been here.
Austin: You said it before, we're a team!

Austin: We help each other out, so don't worry about things like this.
Austin: I have a lot of extra camping gear, so someone has to put it to use!
Jake: Okay...

/no text/

FX: Ffftttttttt (sound of hand ruffling through leaves/foliage)

Jake: Hehe...

Austin: Hmm?
Jake: This place must be like heaven for a forestry grad like you.

Austin: W-what do you mean?
Jake: Just looks like you're having a good time.

Austin: I am.

Jake: Wow...

Jake: This is amazing...
Jake: It's so quiet up here.

Jake: Thanks for letting me tag along.

Austin: You're welcome.

/no text/

/no text/

Sign: Varsity logger

Bag: chalk

Jake: You usually don't use chalk...
Jake: You okay?

Austin: Trying to get the sweat off my hands.
Austin: Do you need any?

Jake: Nah, I'm cool.
Jake: But...just wanted to remind you...

Jake: That you're awesome!
Jake: So don't sweat it!

Austin: Jake!
Austin: You're awesome too!

/no text/
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  • Motivation, Concentration (2014) is the first time Austin and Jake appeared in any story. The characters themselves were only created for that story...the storyline happens around the same timeline as above, so I do recommend reading it (even though it's OLD ART) if you want to get a fuller picture of their respective POVs.
  • This chapter is nearly twice as long as the other ones, and thus, has taken me twice as long to put out/release.
  • I looked at both 2014 and 2017 comics for consistency (hair length, bags, etc.), but ultimately, Jake's mole moves a lot. Jake's travelling mole. There are other details that differ between the versions, but I'll let you discover those for yourself. I toyed with the idea of fixing/re-doing some of the 2014 work, but no time!
  • In ch01 there was a visual metaphor that really only existed to be brought back in ch04. I re-wrote and re-ordered the story to make this bread crumbing happen!
  • Many of the interiors were made in roomstyler. What a life saver!
  • The nature stuff was referenced from photos that I took on a trip to the Rockies back in 2016. I was equally enamoured by the quiet and beautiful view atop the Whistlers Mountain. If I had more time (and motivation), I'd tone the heck of out the pages to really nail down the sunset vibe.
  • 164 is the page number in my leuchtturm1917 where this chapter's outline is written down on.
  • I am pleased that I found the default star brush in Clip Studio Paint.
  • While drawing comics can feel like you're putting yourself through some personal physical/emotional torture, I've learned a lot from it. Comics also force me to draw things out of my comfort zone (that I would not otherwise draw if it didn't have some storytelling value).