Chapter 03: ◄◄June 6, 6:45pm

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Here we are

FX: THKK (sound of an axe hitting a log)



FX: Beep (sound of button being pushed on a digital watch)

FX: FFFF (sound of shoe sole scrapping/sliding against ground)

Jake: Austin?

Austin: Jake!

Jake: Now that I think of it, you're competing too...
Jake: But I rarely see you practice with us.
Jake: How come?

Austin: What are you doing here?

Jake: ...Are you...
Jake: Dodging my question?

Austin: Um, well...
Austin: I suppose I'm busy with other things.

Jake: We're a team...
Jake: Right?

Austin: Of course.

Jake: We can't really give you any pro-tips...

Jake: But we're still here to help you?
Jake: But we can't do that if we don't even know about it

Jake: The least we can do is help you track time?
Jake: Right?

Austin: You're right.

Jake: You prob do a lotta other stuff I don't even know bout...

Austin: It's no big deal. (Oouff)
Jake: That's not the point! (I'm being serious!)
Jake: Anyway...
Jake: Keep practicing. I got you covered.

Austin: Thank you.

Austin: The hat looks good on you.

Jake: (My hair is all messed up now)
Jake: ...I def need to wash my hair after this, don't I?

Austin: Haha, not unless you like my sweat all over you?

Jake: Why...did I even ask...
Jake: Anyway...are you ready?
Austin: Yes!
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  • One of many (possibly unnecessary) things that I have started to think about are the actual functional/physical/financial mechanics behinds running a varsity loggersports team. Where do you source the wood? The metal frames? How is everything stored? Where do all the chopped wood bits go after practice? How do in-debt students afford the gear? Where do they sharpen the tools? Environmental sustainability? Etc. My stories are really rooted in practicality, haha.
  • I struggled a lot with axe poses; I watched many videos online; specifically thanks to Mike Singerland and Matt Bush for their step-by-step voice-over video, which was immensely helpful, though I didn't follow everything because of composition reasons.
  • Drawing Jake with glasses makes me a lot happier than drawing him without.
  • I still have a great dislike for toning. At first I toned everything to be NIGHT TIME and it was really dark, then it dawned on me that it's still pretty bright out at 6:45pm in the spring/summer.
  • Austin's axe is roughly based off of a Tuatahi training axe; I ended up looking up inseam pant length of a 6' tall person to attempt (!) to get the relative axe handle length more correct, but who knows.
  • I was 50% going to leave the top-most underhand chop panel on page 3 as just a black bg with only sound effects overlaid on top. Then I thought "maybe I should challenge myself to draw actual chopping" and immediately regretted that decision, but the progressively chopped diagonal log motif in the background (which I think is interesting) would not exist without the maybe the effort was worth it?
  • I haven't drawn one of those iconic DBZ vein-pops in a while!
  • In the spirit of FujoSports, I had to include some double entendre dialogue