Chapter 02: ◄◄ May 3, 10:00am

Chapter 2 << May 3, 10:00am

Austin: Our supplies have arrived!

Austin: Pine, poplar, saws, axes, and more!
Austin: Ready for the competition in a few months.

Austin: Here's a training plan for each of you, based on what you're competing in. Half skill training, half fitness.

Sal: What's on your list?
Jake: Squats, planks, triceps...a note to not skip leg day...

Jake: You?
Sal: Equally painful and detailed.

Jake: It's really amazing that you did this for each of us. 
Jake: Thanks!

Sal: Hmm...
Sal: Gotta keep these sacred, or we'll be lost when you're gone.
Sab: That's true...

All: What will we do...without our captain?!

Austin: You'll be fine.
Austin: Maybe I won't pass my defense?

Ferris: Impossible.
Abby: Ma would be screaming if she heard you say that!

Austin: Um, well, a there's a lot to work on ahead of the competition...
Sal: But first...
Sal: Our team uniforms are here!!!

Austin: Designed by our very own, Sal!
Sal: (It me!)

Abby: O-M-G can we try? I wanna match...
Ferris: (I thought we were going to start training...)
Jake: (Same...)
Abby: Please...

FX: KA-CHKK (sound of a phone camera shutter)

Sal: Damn. I made us look good.
Sal: We're gonna be the most stylish team, hehe...

Sal: I need nice 360 shots for my portfolio! Jake, wanna pose for me?
Jake: What? Why me?
Sal: Well if you don't wanna then you can take pics of me and Abby...

Jake: Fine...

Ferris: Are your suspenders uncomfortable?

Austin: No, I was thinking that they were a nice addition. What do you think?

Ferris: They keep my pants up.
Austin: Haha, same!

Ferris: ...
Austin: ...

Sab: Are you two staring at Jake's butt?

FX: Ding ding ding ding ding (sound of a handheld bell ringing)

FX: Ding 

Austin: Please grab your gear!
Austin: Let's start practice!

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  • This chapter has a pretty different tone from the previous one. I discussed with a colleague of mine when it's appropriate to tell a story in non-chronological order. Reveal the drama first, get people hooked (?) then go back in time and build up to it! Get ready for the slow burn!
  • I have never drawn this many butts before in my life? I was really torn about butt shapes and whether the pant material should stretch over the butt. I guess it's nice to have stretch in clothing that you are going to be moving in. Jake has the most rump out of the dudes.
  • Speaking of backsides, I feel like I've successfully dodged female-objectifying gaze but have incorporated more male-objectifying gaze.
  • The irony is that I was eating mac n cheese + mashed potatoes while drawing these workout scenes. I wish I was more into physically healthier habits/hobbies.
  • I didn't realize there was a difference between a pull-up and chin-up until I had to draw one of them.
  • Whatever data was sold to internet bot marketers while I was searching for reference images has messed up my ads.
  • The last two pages took the longest to draw but are probably the least informative, though I suppose it was all good practice. If you are a professional loggersport person or work-out person, please don't judge the accuracy of all these poses. These characters are in fact, AMATEURS (or is it my drawing that is amateur? Hmm, you can decide).
  • There were originally a lot more dialogue/speech bubbles, but I chose a larger font size so things are legible on screen/mobile, and as a result, I had to rejig/re-write a bunch of stuff to actually fit in the pages/panels. Now the text feels a bit comically-large (ha!)...but I am that person who has the default font size on mobile set to be LARGER because of my bad eyesight. I'll readjust everything again when I print my own copy! Because of web long-scroll format, I've also leaned towards drawing horizontal panels and haven't incorporated vertical spanning ones as much as I have in the past.
  • I had a good time drawing these pages! Wasn't overly stressed while drawing them.
  • The key function of this chapter is to be expository, but I didn't manage to name drop all the characters since names don't always come up naturally in dialogue. Hope to do story arcs for the other folks later on!
  • AFAIK none of the chapters will have a narrator that isn't one of the characters. I'm still working out whether there will be POV/inner thought mixing within chapters, or will chapters represent distinct POV/voices only. Probably the latter, but stay tuned...?
  • Thanks for reading!