Chapter 01: August 2, 1:03am

Chapter 1 → August 2, 1:03am

Jake (T): How many years has it been since I used these?
Jake (T): I bet they're expired now.

Jake (N): He was a friend of a friend, 
Jake (N): so there was already a baseline of trust.

Jake (N): From the beginning, the expectations were set.
Guy: Jake, wanna do it?

Guy: I always thought you were hot. No presh though.

Jake (N): A classic case of fuckboy.
Jake (N): A purely physical relationship. In the end, I agreed to it. Nothing to lose...except my virginity?

Jake (N): He treated me nice.
Jake (N): Our first time...
Jake (N): We didn't even go all the way.

Jake (N): I was overwhelmed
Jake (N): New sensations and feelings
Jake (N): I lost control of my body and it reacted in way I didn't know were possible.

Jake (N): He said that I was beautiful...
Jake (N): and I ate it up.
Jake (N): Maybe I was special to him?
Jake (N): Maybe what we had was more than the physical relationship we agreed to?

Jake (N): In the height of our passion, he told me that I wasn't the only one he was sleeping with.
Jake (N): Of course.
Jake (N): What was I expecting?

Jake (N): I was stupid for letting myself get caught up.

Jake (N): For letting myself get in so deep.

Jake (N): For believing that...
Jake (N): I was special to another person.

Jake (N): I was so stupid.

Jake (N): We're just two consenting adults using each other to fulfill selfish desires.
Jake (N): I didn't need him.

Jake (N): We stopped seeing each other a long time ago...
Jake (N): But I still have these from him.

Jake (N): And now...

Jake (N): Those feelings that settled down years ago...

Jake (N): Are being stirred up again.
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It's the first chapter of this webcomic! I've been working on these pages on/off for over a year now, so it's nice to see it come together into its own chapter! Thanks for taking a look :)

Some random thoughts:

  • Jake has a map of Edmonton in his room (haha)
  • Jake's ex-fwb is really schmarmy looking to me; I was thinking "thank goodness this guy only appears for a short while because IDK what his tattoos are
  • this whole chapter is really melodramatic, but that's usually how first loves go, right?
  • I enjoyed drawing face smoosh-ing into bedsheets
  • I really tried to play more with visual analogies, but IDK if it was worth it?
  • The box's brand is 'Bare Protection'; and its mascot is a bear, trying to tear stuff up (unsuccessfully)
  • Since shaving the back of my own hair, I've levelled up my 'back-of-head-hairline' drawing abilities
  • The WIP from draft to finished toned pages can be found at my freetalk!