A series of intertwined comics about ordinary people navigating their lives and relationships. LGBTQA+, slice of life, may have mature themes. Read L→R.

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Here We Are ch 12

ch 12

◄◄ Arrival

Arc 2 start

Here We Are ch 11

ch 11 + extras

December 20, 12:32pm

Arc 1 end

Here We Are ch 10

ch 10

December 2, 6:15pm

Here We Are ch 09

ch 09

November 11, 2:15pm

Here We Are ch 08

ch 08

October 14, 4:45pm

Here We Are ch 07

ch 07

August 2, 1:15am

Here We Are ch 06

ch 06

◄◄ August 1, 6:00pm

Here We Are ch 05

ch 05


Here We Are ch 04

ch 04


Here We Are ch 03

ch 03

◄◄June 6, 6:45pm

Here We Are ch 02

ch 02

◄◄ May 3, 10:00am

Here We Are ch 01

ch 01

August 2, 1:03am

Arc 1 start


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Here We Are (HWA) is a webcomic created by Dirchansky (she/any). It's a series of intertwined comics about ordinary people navigating their lives and relationships. Queer-friendly, slice of life, and may have mature themes.

Arc 1 (ch 1-11)—Slow burn romance about two logger sports jocks trying to fall in love. Jake/Austin-main.
Arc 2 (ch 12 onwards)—Nomance, self-discovery, and carving your own path in life. Sabina-main.

HWA was first posted online ~Dec 2018, originally conceived as an expansion to/bridge between two one-shot comics—Motivation, Concentration (2014) and Tie the Knot (2017). I release full chapters in my "free" time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (we're 150+ pages in). A fake HWA anime trailer exists (HMU if you want to make real anime ★), as well as a limited edition handbound, printed book of Arc 1.

There are HWA-related Q&As up at Ink, Sweat, and Tears (thanks M.Sorcier) and Discover Comics (thanks Tait). You can email me at dirchansky[at]pm.me!


Jake (he) / loggersports team

3rd year undergrad student in Urban Planning. Gay, nerdy (anime, games, comics), and crybaby jock.

Austin (he) / loggersports captain

Final year Masters student in Forestry. Sunshine nature-loving jock. Reliable to a fault. Abby's older brother.

Sabina (she) / loggersports team

2nd year undergrad international student. Pokerface and is likely judging you. Affinity towards heights and cursed stuff. Austin's housemate.

Abby (she) / loggersports team

2nd year undergrad student. Likely a horse girl. Austin's younger sister, Sal's housemate.

Sal (they) / loggersports team

2nd year undergrad student in Fashion Design. Made the team uniforms and is the instigator of fun. Unapolegetic realness. Abby's housemate.

Ferris (he) / loggersports team

2nd year undergrad student. Quiet giant. Has a fan following on social media. Austin's former colleague (house/interior painting summer gig).

Fake (he) / police homicide intern

Wrapped up a Masters in Criminology. Masked joker living his second life. Jake's friend for everything nerdy and bubble tea. Has a crush on his boss.